Saturday, 15 May 2010

93) (Eric Charry, US, personal homepage, including course links to rock, hip hop, music of the Americas, improvisation, jazz, virtual instrument museums, music research resources)

94) (Chris McGowan and Ricardo Pessanha, US/Brazil, supplement to their book “The Brazilian Sound: Samba, Bossa Nova and the Popular Music of Brazil”)

95) (David E., US, personal blog, discussion of ethnomusicological literature, link to Contra and Folk Dance Society at Brown University)

96) (Norway, MD thesis on jew’s harp)

97) (MaryAnn Young, US, academic blog, reflections on ethnographic fieldwork on Natsu Matsuri (summer festivals) in Asahikawa, Japan as well as general ethnomusicology topics)

98) (Ryan Guffey, US, personal blog, web music marketing, rock, punk, pop, interview with Tara Browner)

99) (Sally Russell, UK, personal blog, diverse topics, personal thoughts on ethnomusicology)

100) (Edi Nasution, Sumatra, on Mandailing music and gondang)

101) (William Bares, US, research web portal and blog on transatlantic jazz)