Wednesday, 20 May 2009

1) (Jeff Todd Titon, US, on sustainability and music)

2) (Max Peter Baumann, Germany, journal World of Music)

3) (Alexandre Enkerli, Canada, teaching blog)

4) (community blog, Canada, thinking globalisation through music)

5) Bakan WORLD MUSIC blog (Michael Bakan, US, World Music)

6) (US, blog relevant to the ethomusicology program community at Columbia University)

7) (Carlos Cabalini, Brazil/Portugal, personal blog)

8) (André Sonoda, Brazil, teaching blog on acoustics)

9) (Luciano Caroso, Brazil/Portugal, personal blog)

10) (Ieda Bispo, Brazil/US, personal blog)

11) (Nicol Hammond, US, research report on South African Choral music)

12) (Laura Caver, personal blog)

13) (community blog, Mexico)

14) (Ana Maria Arango, Colombia, personal blog)

15) (community blog, antropologia sonora)

16) (community blog, on musicas del chocó)

17) (Raquel Rivera, US, on reggaeton)

18) (Eliécer Arenas Monsalve, Colombia, personal blog)

19) (John Murphy, US, Music in Brazil, incl. videos from field research)

20) (Beto Gonzalez, US/Brazil, research blog on samba)

21) (John Murphy, US, blog accompanies his book on Music in Brazil)

22) (Maria Cruz, Spain, field notes)

23) (Hector Fouce, Spain, personal blog)

24) (community blog for SIBE and IASPM, Spain)

25) (John Meyers, US, personal blog)

26) (Sydney Hutchinson, US/Germany, field research in Dominican Republic)

27) (France/US, personal/travel blog)

28) (Nicholas Poss, America, Hmong)

29) (Wayne Marshall, US, personal blog)

30) (Rebekah Moore, US/Bali, dissertation blog)

31) (Kiri Miller, US, research blog on Guitar Hero)

32) (Gordon Thompson, US, blog for Oxford University Press)

33) (Matt Sakakeeny, US, project blog)

34) (John Pippen, US, fieldnotes on new classical music)

35) (Denise Dalphond, electronic music in Detroit)

36) (US/Kazakhstan, field research blog)

37) (community blog)

38) (Alexandre Enkerli, Canada, personal blog)

39) (Liam McGranahan, US, personal blog)

40) (Lori Goshert, US, fieldwork in Sarajevo)

41) (US, personal/travel blog)

42) (fieldwork in Peru)

43) (fieldwork in Jamaica)

44) (Keola Donaghy, Hawai, Hawaiian music)

45) (Maurice Mengel, Germany, info blog)

46) (Eve Leung, China, fieldwork blog)

47) (Sérgio Fonseca, Portugal, Portuguese music)

48) (Victor Grauer, US, Cantometrics)

49) (Kyra Gaunt, US, on music, race and African diaspora)

50) (Jacques Bouet, France, personal blog)

51) (Bernard Lortat-Jacob, France, research blog)

52) (Tran Quang Hai, France, research blog)

53) (Maria Carmela Stella, Italy, personal and teaching blog)

54) (Germany, editor blog)

55) (Banaphshu, Terumi Narushima, Kraig Grady, on Anaphorian culture)

56) (recording suggestions of world music)

57) (Hector Fouce, Spain, popular music)

58) (Mark De Witt, US, personal blog)

59) (women and their roles in electronic music)

60) (about a Portuguese musician)

61) (about a Portuguese musician)

62) (Andy McGraw, US, teaching blog)

63) (Jamie Freedman, US, personal blog)

64) (Jesse Morskzjeyek, Czech Republic, music in Moravia)

65) (Tran Quang Hai, France, overtone singing)

66) (Michael Birenbaum Quintero, US/Colombia, personal blog)


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